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For Immediate Release: May 23, 2017

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Tony Benjamin, MBA, PHR



The Grange Shakes Up HR for Small Business

South Jordan, Utah: Tony Benjamin, Founder of The Grange Strategic HR Consulting, has a vision for small business that is shaking things up.

Benjamin founded The Grange in 2016 with the idea of bringing all the advantages of a forward thinking HR department to small business.  His vision centers around the idea that all companies, no matter their size, need a human resources function.  In February of this year he said, “That’s why I started The Grange, to make high-end, strategic Human Resource services available to small companies from their inception.”

The idea for the company grew out of Benjamin’s love for small business.  “Laying the foundation for a successful business is more important now than ever,” he said.  “In a world where small businesses are competing for the same skill sets and talent as companies like Google and Amazon, you can’t wait for your company culture to just evolve.  You have to design it and sculpt it from the very beginning.”

In more than 16 years of working in human resources, Benjamin recognized that many companies make a huge oversight when getting established. He said: “By the time companies feel compelled to hire an HR professional, their cultures are often already set in stone and have a difficult time scaling.”

“It’s a bit of a shock for employees to go from ‘whatever works for you,’ to ‘here’s your 40-page employee handbook,’ he said.  “For instance, you don’t take a new product to market without doing your research; you create a plan and execute it.  It’s the same with employees.  You can’t hire 20 people and not have a plan in place for how to onboard them, integrate them, train them, manage their efforts, and, most importantly, keep them from getting poached by a competitor.  That’s doubly important for small businesses.”

The Grange has set revenue records almost each month since its founding and continues to field calls from around the country.

“You wouldn’t have expected it, but the first client that hired us was based in Montreal.  They’re opening a plant in Utah and needed somebody to help them with their HR process here.  There isn’t a small business in the country that doesn’t need our services,” he stated with confidence.  “We offer the best of all possible worlds, a high-end skill set at a low cost.”

On May 1, of this year, The Grange rolled out a new product for businesses with less than 15 employees called, Republic Group HR Services.  It allows micro companies to pool resources and purchase HR services together.  Groups are forming now.  Benjamin expects the idea to gain traction.  “Until now, if you were a boutique with five employees, you had to hire an attorney to write your employee handbooks, create policy, or to just get advice on how to handle an employee who isn’t performing well.  You would worry as much about the amount of time you’re on the phone as you would about getting your questions answered.  That’s a dangerous place to be when most employee relations issues are complicated and come with heavy consequences if you get it wrong.”

“I want to shake up small business and HR forever,” Benjamin said.  “I want to make effective HR a tool that small business can use to compete on the largest scale.”

About The Grange, LLC: The Grange LLC is a strategic HR consulting firm based in South Jordan, Utah. It specializes in working with small to medium-sized businesses.  The owner of the company, Tony Benjamin, is a 16-year veteran in Human Resource industry, working for some of Utah’s fastest growing, most well-known, and successful companies including Control4, Air Medical Resource Group, and Ovivo USA.  Benjamin earned a degree in Political Science from Utah State University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.