What to Expect

The Method

The Grange offers its services on a retainer basis.  For a negotiated amount, The Grange will provide your company with Twenty-Four hour human resources support seven days a week.  Shorter term arrangements can be made on a project or hourly basis.

Success by Design

Successful companies design their culture, policies, and practices instead of hoping it happens by accident.  We’ll begin by identifying your current policies and practices, strategically crafting a path forward that enhances your company vision and its goals.  We’ll develop a plan the company can follow as it grows.  The plan will keep you more than just compliant, it will give you a competitive advantage and help you design a world class culture where employees truly are your best and most valuable resource.

Once the plan is in place we’ll implement it by creating the documents, handbooks, and necessary policies to make it happen.  We’ll help you roll it out to employees, train supervisors, managers, and executives in best practices ensuring that the culture you create will be sustainable over time.

Stand With You

No matter how well crafted, nothing operates indefinitely without the proper maintenance and management.   The Grange will help you design and manage your benefit offering, conduct open enrollment, help you design annual reviews that won’t be a waste of time, message annual increases, and, when necessary, help you resolve “employee relations” that could land you in court if not handled correctly.

We’ll recommend products and services best suited to your company’s size, culture and capabilities.  The Grange partners with companies that provide Payroll, Human Resources, and Benefit Management software as well as others that can help you manage 401k benefits, outplacement, and recruiting.

Legal Advice:

The Grange also partners with Haymore Law to provide you with customized employment agreements, liability release agreements, and other HR related documents that protect you now and in the future.  This partnership can provide you with affordable services and advice when things go beyond human resources.

All these services are offered to you at a cost you can afford.  Lay the foundation of success today by partnering with The Grange, Strategic HR Services today.

Written by TonyB