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Employers With Less Than 15 Employees: Republic Group HR Services

Just because you don’t have 15 employees, doesn’t mean you don’t face the same challenges as other businesses when it comes to personnel.  As a matter of fact, those same issues are of greater importance to you. The Grange now has a product designed specifically for businesses with fewer than 15 employees. Republic Group HR… Read more »

I Have a Vision!

I have a vision for small business: All small businesses will start with a human resources strategy in mind and a policy platform to work from before they hire their first employee.  They’ll design their cultures instead of letting it grow on its own while they’re distracted.  Businesses will start with the understanding that the… Read more »

Small Business Services in The Grange

Full review of all current company policies and procedures. Consultation with recommendations of changes including; Vacation, Sick, Short, term and long term disability, FMLA, Wage Strategy, Recruiting and Retention, Recruiting, Human Capital Planning, Medical/Benefit Packages, Engagement. Managerial Training: Training on basic HR law and leadership skills. Cultural Development: Creation of a plan to intentionally define… Read more »

What to Expect

The Method The Grange offers its services on a retainer basis.  For a negotiated amount, The Grange will provide your company with Twenty-Four hour human resources support seven days a week.  Shorter term arrangements can be made on a project or hourly basis. Success by Design Successful companies design their culture, policies, and practices instead… Read more »

Contact Us

Contact The Grange now! Call us at (435) 817-7695, email The Grange at, click on the pages icon at the top of this page and then the “Contact Us” link, or you can click on or insert the below address into your web browser to contact us. We’re excited to work with you. … Read more »

Services Found in the Grange

Together, We’ve got this! The Grange offers the following services: Employee Handbook Company Policies Benefit Evaluation and Selection Procedures Annual Open Enrollment Federal/State Compliance 401k Administration Compliance Training EEO Training Harassment Training Supervisor/Manager Training Coaching Training Disciplinary Actions Employee Relations Harassment Investigations Strategic Planning Annual Evaluations Recruiting Training Recruiting Planning Recruiting Cultural Evaluations/Planning Employee Surveys… Read more »

An HR Consultant that Doesn’t Say No

An HR Consultant that Doesn’t Say No HR has a reputation of saying no more often than it finds solutions to problems.  HR employees are like any other professional employee, they are educated in “best practices,” taught the “legal” way to do things, and are drilled with the consequences of what happens when you’re out… Read more »

Human Capital

Human Capital Are employees your most important resource or not? Employees are your most expensive capital investment.  Just like any other capital investment they have production limits, specifications, installation costs, and, most importantly, maintenance costs. If you’re a manufacturer and you purchase a piece of equipment that is supposed to produce 100 widgets an hour,… Read more »

Why An HR Consultant?

Why an HR Consultant? Laying the foundation of a business isn’t easy. Doing it wrong can put you in court or worse, trapped with an ineffective team and culture that continually holds back the growth of your company.   How do you get real HR support without breaking the bank? The Grange assists you in laying… Read more »