About The Grange

The Grange, LLC was founded in 2016 with the vision of bringing all the advantages of a fully functional and effective HR department to small and medium businesses.  Companies like Google, Apple, and Zappos leverage their HR resources to develop highly effective cultures that ensure growth and market dominance; The Grange can do the same for small business.  We specialize in companies with less than 150 employees.

The company was founded by Tony Benjamin, an HR Pro who’d worked in Human Resources for 17 years.  With an MBA and certified as a Professional of Human Resources (PHR), he knows how to make your HR function a central driving force for your bottom line.

The Grange starts the consulting process by understanding your business, identifying your current culture, understanding your vision, and helping you align your policies and procedures with the vision driving your success.  At the Grange, we live by the understanding that “the effect of policy is culture.” In other words, your HR policies and procedures must ENABLE your success, not stand in its way.

All of this, for a third of the cost of hiring somebody internally.

We have a vision… Your Success!