An HR Consultant that Doesn’t Say No

An HR Consultant that Doesn’t Say No

HR has a reputation of saying no more often than it finds solutions to problems.  HR employees are like any other professional employee, they are educated in “best practices,” taught the “legal” way to do things, and are drilled with the consequences of what happens when you’re out of compliance.  Some of them are even educated in how to read a financial.

Most HR employees aren’t taught risk assessment.  What is the likelihood of the consequences you’ve been taught about in all your recertification classes?  What will be the real impact if those consequences come about verses the cost of compliance?

Executives ask these questions all the time, but a lot of entry level to midlevel HR employees rarely think this way.

At The Grange, we never tell an executive no.  We council, we advise, we educate, and we explain the risks, but we don’t say no.  You need an HR partner that that finds solutions, not barriers to success.

When you have questions with real impact, we’ll be there with real answers that strategically move you towards your goals.

Written by TonyB