Employers With Less Than 15 Employees: Republic Group HR Services

Just because you don’t have 15 employees, doesn’t mean you don’t face the same challenges as other businesses when it comes to personnel.  As a matter of fact, those same issues are of greater importance to you.

The Grange now has a product designed specifically for businesses with fewer than 15 employees.

Republic Group HR Services allows small businesses to pool their resources to gain access to the same expertise as larger companies.  Imagine an HR department an email or phone call away that can help you stay compliant, build a fantastic culture, and compete for the best talent.

By joining the Republic, you’ll pool your resources with 10 to 30 other companies and get the same type of professional support as much larger companies.

Here’s What You’ll Get!

Initial Consultation: Documentation of current processes, procedures, and strategies.  Suggestions that will help you meet your goals.

Employee New Hire Packet: A packet that includes required forms, company contracts, and customized documents for every new hire.

Training: One full day of training in your first two months and one full day of training annually thereafter.  Training will include:

  • Required forms
  • Harassment Prevention
  • Supervisor/Manager Basic HR Law
  • Retention Techniques
  • Hiring Best practices


Legal Development: A review of all your employee agreements and legal documents with suggestions.*

On Going support:  Unlimited HR services your first two months and up to 3 hours of work a month after that.

On Going support:  Unlimited HR services your first two months and up to 3 hours of work a month after that.

An Annual Meeting: Meet with your fellow group members annually to exchange ideas, network, and learn.

By pooling with other small businesses you’ll be able to afford customized Human Resource processes, documentation of your policies and procedures, customize a viable employee handbook, develop a professional new hire packet, stay compliant, get legal advice, get annual training, and get access to a network of venders that provide perks and benefits to your employees and your business.

What does it cost?

You get all of this for only $200 a month.**

To Join or Just Find Out More:

Call 435-817-7695

Email The Grange at tony@thegrangellc.com

Or click HERE


A network of Service Providers

As a part of the Republic, you’ll get access to a network of the top service providers in Utah:

Christy’s Bookkeeping Services

Pearson Butler Legal Services

Morley & Berrett (CPA Services)

Diversified Insurance Services (Liability, Property & Casualty, Benefits)

The Buckner Company (Insurance)

Blackburn Jones (Insurance)

Professional Recruiters (Recruiting)

PrincePerelson (Recruiting)

401k Advisors (Large companies)

Primerica (401k Services, small companies)

Edward Jones (401k Services, Small Companies)

… And additional services.



*Available for groups of at least 15 members.

**Groups must have a minimum of 10 continual members.

Written by TonyB