Small Business Services in The Grange

Full review of all current company policies and procedures. Consultation with recommendations of changes including; Vacation, Sick, Short, term and long term disability, FMLA, Wage Strategy, Recruiting and Retention, Recruiting, Human Capital Planning, Medical/Benefit Packages, Engagement.

Managerial Training: Training on basic HR law and leadership skills.

Cultural Development: Creation of a plan to intentionally define and develop a culture that produces the results needed by the Company.

Employee Handbook: Review and re-writing of employee handbook based on decisions above.

Benefits. Consultation during benefit planning and development.  The goal will be to support employees in their personal lives by providing benefits that help them meet all of their personal and familial goals without burdening the company with ever increasing costs.  End product includes a 3 to 5 year plan.  Establishment of a 401k retirement plan and other benefits.

Recruiting and onboarding services.

Basic recruiting services (passive).

Onboarding, new-hire paperwork and I9 etc.

Employee anti-harassment training etc.

Annual compliance filing.

Ongoing consultation on employee relations issue.

Establishment of best practices that enable growth and stability.

Ongoing consulting as needed including access to legal advice, social media marketing, and other services associated with Human Resources.


Written by TonyB